I'm Emily.

Most of my days start with a snuggle from my Bernese Mountain dog, a cup of coffee & a few pages of whatever book I'm reading. I've always been creative at heart. I grew up on stage - first performing shows I'd write while perched atop my parents fireplace and then acting & singing my way through school. I picked up my first professional camera to take headshots for a high school musical & ended up getting my BA in Photography - the rest is history.

I'm an adventurer with a major travel bug & I believe opening our lives up to different people and places teaches us more than most things. I currently live in Denver with my dog (Juniper) but I just got back from 6 months as a digital nomad & travel often. I love that photography can connect me with people all over the world - it's beautiful, having a small piece of someone's life shared with you - I'm genuinely grateful you've made your way here.

Traveller. Storyteller. Dog Mom. Wannabe Chef. Big Fan of card games, concerts & sleeping in the great outdoors.
And Meet JunipeR
Cheese eater. Snow Lover. Mouth breather. Expert Camper. silly goose & all around good girl.